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Introduction, Criteria & FAQ

NZTA works on your behalf in representation for areas of tax, law and fairness towards Trustees and Beneficiaries of Trusts.
Your membership and input towards trusteeship is welcome and appreciated.

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The Trustee Register is open throughtout the year for applicants to seek admission. Only natural persons may apply.

Entry Criteria to the Register:

i)                    The applicant must be a Senior Member of the NZ Trustees Association; and…

ii)                  Actively involved as Trustee of a trust or trusts of substantial local, national or international significance; or…

iii)                Actively involved as Trustee holding tertiary or nationally recognised qualification in a trust related profession; or…

iv)                 Actively involved as Trustee, having made significant contribution to the support, promotion or development of trusteeship in New Zealand to a level acceptable to the Trustee Registration Board.

 Entry Conditions:

a)            Membership of NZTA for an individual or company is a prerequisite for entry.

b)            Registered Trustees agree to abide by rules and codes of the Trustees Association and any additional rules and codes as sanctioned by due process for the Trustee Register.

c)            Applicants and existing Registered Trustees agree to their names being published.

d)         The Trustee Registration Board’s decision on admission will be final and no additional correspondence will be entered into.


How to Apply:

Write a standard letter with CV attached. Include any notable appointments, trust achievements and qualifications.


The Registrar

NZ Trustees Association

PO Box 1228

Wellington 6140

Or Email-

Attention: The Registrar


Q What are the benefits of membership?
A This depends on your individual aspirations and your position of trust. NZTA is a charitable trust with the principal objective of benefiting trusteeship. Improvement of resources for trustees (and trusts) by NZTA increases individual knowledge, assisting trusts in their decision making. The Trustee News has received plaudits for filling a void in trustee resources, bringing all categories of trusteeship together.

Q Why should the Trust fund my individual membership?
A Again, this is dependent on your position of trust, your personal involvement with administration and your responsibilities and liability. It has been widely accepted and actioned for the Chair & other senior positions of administration to have their subscription funded. The logic continues that if there were no trustees or administrators there would certainly be no trust. Also, where the trustees & administrators increase their resources and knowledge the trust does benefit.

Q Why should the Firm fund my individual membership?
A For Professional Trustees & Trust Practitioners (Solicitors, Accountants, Fund Managers etc) funding of a member's subscription is by their employing firm or their own practise. This is fairly obviously for the increase in business the membership subscription will bring to the member's firm by the credentials and exposure NZTA provides.

Q I don't know what level I should apply for?
Levels of membership subscription are contained in the page headed "Description of Levels of Subscription & Membership". You are given suggestions on funding and the level that may suit you in that text. Full membership is underlined.

Q I'm an Off Shore party interested in subscribing?
Off Shore interested parties are welcome. See the link on to the Application Form for further details of cost for postage.

Any further questions should be addressed to:
The Registrar New Zealand Trustees Association PO Box 1228 Wellington, N.Z.

NZTA Helpdesk (Tel +64 4 472 4026)

Note that a Professional who is appointed as Trustee is not ipso facto, a "Professional Trustee".

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